Space Transcribers


September 2015


Ways of Seeing and Representing Veiga de Penso in Braga

"Transcribing: Ways of Seeing and Representing" was an international workshop developed in Veiga de Penso in Braga, Portugal in 2015.


Participants from several disciplines (Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Geography, etc.) were asked to engage with this specific landscape, by literally living in it and interacting with its spaces, processes and communities. The main purpose was to open a multidisciplinary debate between the existing agents of Veiga de Penso - the local community, the local authorities and the municipality entity - in order to activate and turn visible new narratives and ways of seeing this specific territory. With this experimental approach, it was expected to construct a methodology that act as a device, that incites new discoveries and knowledge about the landscape and the historical culture of Veiga de Penso in Braga, Portugal.
This workshop resulted in four projects that were presented in a public exhibition at "GRNation", a cultural hub in the centre of Braga.


Space Transcribers
School of Architecture of University of Minho
Braga´s City Council


7 to 12 of September 2015


Veiga de Penso, Braga, Portugal


Transcribing Summer Lab 2015 – Ways of Seeing and Representing Veiga de Penso in Braga
7 to 12 of Septembre 2015

Braga´s City Council – Urban Regeneration, Heritage, Connection to the University, Town Planning and Urbanism Council
Architecture School – University of Minho
Space Transcribers

Belen Zevallos, Space Transcribers
Daniel Duarte Pereira, EAUM, Space Transcribers

Coordination Support
Orlando Jorge, architect

Integrated Master Course in Architecture, Architecture School – University of Minho, Portugal
Anthony Faria, Carla Ferreira, Cristina Silva, Diana Araújo, Fernando Vieira, Filipa Alves, Iolanda Marques, Ivo Rodrigues, Joana Vieira, Mariana Arantes, Olavo Franco, Paula Martins, Pedro Guedes, Rasha Askar
Landscape Architecture, Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto, Portugal
Ana Gonzalez, Cátia Chaves, Diogo Matos, Patrícia Monteiro
Architecture and Landscape, École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture et de Paysage de Lille, France
Adeline Tallet, Anne Bausson, Antoine Pierron, Jeane Penichou, Leslie Jacquemart, Mathias Coutant-Tisic

Amélie Fontaine, architecture and landscape, ENSAPL
Belen Zevallos, architecture and participation, Space Transcribers
Daniel Correia Fernandes, Videography and multimedia
Daniel Duarte Pereira, architecture and representation, Space Transcribers
Eduardo Ferreira, geography and music
Fernando P Ferreira, architecture and art, EAUM
Flavia Larocca, Storytelling
Sara Ferreira, architecture
Tiago Silva, architecture and urban planning, Braga City Hall

Creative Breakfasts
Ana Patrícia Gomes, architecture and participation, Prosaico Coletivo
André Castanho, architecture and photography
Cidália Ferreira Silva, architecture and time studies, EAUM
Francisco Costa, architecture and participation, Prosaico Coletivo
João Maia, architecture and sound
Luís Lima, architecture and participation, Prosaico Coletivo
Pedro Galego, architecture and participation, Prosaico Coletivo

Open Classes
“Territory and food safety” by Vincenzo Riso, architecture, EAUM.
“The landscape of the cow” by Álvaro Domingues, geography, FAUP

Guest Critics

Architecture School – University of Minho, Portugal
Cidália Ferreira Silva
Marta Labastida
Rute Carlos
Braga City Hall
Miguel Bandeira
Fátima Pereira

Working Space and Camping
Headquarters and Sports Complex of the Parish of Penso S. Vicente

Local Support
Union of Parishes of Escudeiros and Penso (S. Vicente and Sto. Estevão)
Parish Chairman Orlando Gomes, Rui Pereira, Pedro Faria
Parish of Lamas
Parish Chairman João Alves, Sérgio Oliveira, José Ferreira,
Parish of Esporões
Parish Chairman João Oliveira
Union of Parishes of Morreira and Trandeiras
Parish Chairman Manuel Martins, José Dias
Parish of Figueiredo
Parish Chairman Marco Oliveira, João Marques


Gonçalo Marques, Agronomic Engineer
Community of Veiga de Penso
Carpentry Office Márcio e Avelino Lda.
Carpentry Office Oliveira e Filhos. Lda.