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July 2021


(Re) Making stories in Parretas

AcustiCidade (AcustiCity): (Re) Making stories in Parretas is a sound walk of six episodes that goes through the Parretas neighbourhood in Braga.

In 1978, CEAPE (the Cooperative of Architectural, Planning, and Engineering Studies of Porto) delivered a voluminous dossier to the Braga City Council with the urbanisation plan for an extensive agricultural area of 20 hectares located on the fringes of the old city. On this plan, several property developers were built, making it one of the first and foremost areas of urban and residential expansion in Braga after the end of the Portuguese dictatorship period. This place, whose landscape has been drastically transformed since then, is today known as the Parretas neighbourhood.

AcustiCidade: (Re) Making Stories in Parretas is the result of an invitation from Circuito - Braga Media Arts to Space Transcribers to create a project about the places in Braga on the outskirts of its historical centre.
In collaboration with the artist Pedro Augusto, we created a sound walk comprised of six episodes about the Parretas neighbourhood in Braga.
Methodologically, the production of this project unfolded in 5 phases: first, architectural, urban, and cartographic research on the history of spatial and urban transformation of this area of the city; second, interviewing and collecting oral testimonies of several residents about their personal history and experience in the space of the neighbourhood; third, a workshop open to the public of listening and capturing the soundscape of the neighbourhood; fourth, the writing of a script of 6 episodes and its narration, which on the one hand synthesises all the information gathered (urban history, oral testimonies, and soundscape), and on the other hand confabulates on possible readings, some true, other fictional, of the history of this place; and finally, fifth, the production of a website and a fold-out map where participants can autonomously carry out the sound walk using a smartphone and headphones. The sound walk was produced in Portuguese and is also available in sign language.

The official website contains all of the information you need to listen to and participate in the sound walk. We wish you a pleasant walk!





Circuito BMA


Daniel Duarte Pereira
Fernando P. Ferreira
Marta Sofia Silva



Pedro Augusto


July 2021 



Bairro da Parretas
Braga, Portugal

Listen to the sound walk (available only in Portuguese)

Download the sound walk map


(Re) Making stories in Parretas
Braga, 2021

Sound walk of 6 episodes
Duration: 37min 52seg total
Language: Portuguese and portuguese sign language
Unfolding Map

Public presentation on August 8th on RUM - Rádio Universitária do Minho with Carolina Lapa from Braga27'.

Original name
AcustiCidade: (Re)Fazer histórias nas Parretas

Circuito – Serviço Educativo Braga Media Arts
Braga Media Arts

Artistic conception, coordination, research and text
Daniel Duarte Pereira
Fernando P. Ferreira
Marta Sofia Silva

Sound design and editing
Pedro Augusto

Soundscape Workshop
12 June 2021

Ricardo Fernandes
Carolina Castro
Sara Ibarra
Patrícia Patrício
José Pedro Correia
João Pedro Amorim
Jiôn Kiim


Tatiana Mendes

João Coutada

Graphic design and website
United by

Lais Pereira

Daniel Duarte Pereira

Ângelo Silva
Armando Oliveira
Fernando Teixeira
Manuel Figueiredo
Maria Duarte
Maria Helena Gomes
Maria José Mota
Maria Natividade Figueiredo
Matilde Vieira
Pedro Pereira
Rafaela Silva

José Gomes Fernandes
Carlos Campos
Fátima Pereira
Ilídio Marques
Luís Pedroso
Lurdes Gonçalves
Maria Tavares
Manuel Dias
Margarida Folhadela Lemos
Marta Campos
Miguel Melo Bandeira
Sara Borges
Sofia Cunha Reis

Institutional acknowledgements
Arquivo Municipal de Braga
União de Freguesias de Maximinos, Sé e Cividade
Associação de Moradores das Parretas
Parretas Team