Space Transcribers


June 2021

Be My Quarantine

Mapping times and spaces of isolation

The exhibition "Be my Quarantine: mapping times and spaces of isolation", gathered 30 multidisciplinary proposals in different formats that responded to an open call launched by the Space Transcribers during the first compulsory lockdown decreed by the Portuguese State to control the spread of COVID-19.

As a way of promoting the debate on the critical moment that we live in regarding subjects of human and spatial distancing, on April 2020, Space Transcribers launched an open call that encouraged interested people from interdisciplinary studies to critically document, archive, and represent matters on time and spaces of isolation. The participants were invited to map narratives, based on their personal experiences, daily routines, silences, fears and hopes while answering the following questions:

Which are the new patterns of social behaviour and spatial occupation in a state of isolation? What does the concept of collectiveness mean when the physical presence is limited? What are the new relationships that can be traced between public and private spaces? What are the new boundaries? What are the different intimacy and sharing levels in the domestic space? How does the mental space react in a state of physical confinement? What does “global” and “local” mean within this context? How can we represent the private space and time in isolation in the face of new social and physical challenges?

The 30 proposals in presented in the exhibition represent the confinement periods of 41 isolated participants from different geographic points of the world, which share common dialogues despite being distant.
The exhibit structured and organised the proposals in five thematic areas that reflect different ways of living and feeling the isolation: “Living together”, “The confined body”, “Correspondence”, “The New Normal”, “Control”.





Space Transcribers



Daniel Duarte Pereira
Fernando P. Ferreira



5 de junho a 4 de setembro 2021 



Museu Nogueira da Silva
Braga, Portugal

Download the exhibition brochure with texts by the participants




Living together. Works that reflect situations of sharing and intimacy, where the participants were forced to live collectively and isolated within the same shared space, due to the confinement.

The confined body.
Proposals that explore the (un)consciousness of the confined body, strangled and limited within the domestic space, which moves and adapts to its confinement condition.

Correspondence. Performative practices and acts of correspondence, through the exchange of messages and codes, between isolated people in two different geographic points.

The New Normal. Works that present new meanings about time and space, due to the quarantine's changes. These proposals represent a new awareness of the little details of the everyday life that, up until the quarantine, were imperceptible, proposing new ways of using space and time.

Control. Proposals based on referential acts, putting the new reality, with theoretical or poetic references, in collision with fictional narratives, which address the loss of freedom, and debate issues of surveillance and control.






June 5th to September 4th 2021
Nogueira da Silva Museum
Braga, Portugal

Space Transcribers

Curatorship and production
Daniel Duarte Pereira
Fernando P. Ferreira

Graphic design
Ana Resende

Proof reading
Marta Sofia Silva

Lais Pereira

Museu Nogueira da Silva

Albert Brenchat Aguilar
Ana Luiza Addor
Ana Patrícia Gomes
Ana Vieira de Castro
Beatriz de Pinto e Sá
Catarina Freitas
Cláudia Cibrão
Diego Grass
Diogo Ferreira
Elena Mary
Federica Pardini
Fernando P. Ferreira
Francisco Varela
Gabriela A. Z.
Gisela Ferreira
Isa Cancela
Izabel Barboni
Jhonny Rezende
Joana Amorim
Konstantina Ntinapogia
Letícia Martins
Lili Schulz
Luís Lima
Maria Blazquez Morales
Maria Santiago
Marie Ségur
Marta Machado
Mónica Faria
Nassandi Ropke
Palmela Romero Wilson
Patrícia Coelho
Patrícia Nogueira
Regner Ramos Ramirez
Ricardo Paulo
Rodrigo Valenzuela Jerez
Sara Fernandes
Silvia Roque
Sophia M. Garner
Tabea K. Marschall
Teresa Ribeiro
Tiago Antero de Sousa

Miguel Duarte Bandeira
Sara Ferreira
Daniel Macedo